Shared Care Record Summit

Shared Care Record Summit

2024 Event overview

The 2nd Shared Care Record Summit will be held in Birmingham on 16-17 April 2024, with support from Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Trust and NHS England.

This year’s event will highlight the progression made across care settings for shared care records, as well as the latest from a national perspective with key suppliers supporting the event. See link below to view current agenda for the summit.

The event is free to attend for health and care staff. Please register your place via the green button below.

With the backing of NHS England, in March 2023 the YHCR Team hosted the first Shared Care Record Summit in Leeds.

The aim of the event was to agree shared outcomes in order to progress the Shared Care Record agenda. As well as hearing good practice and benefits, the summit explored current challenges and issues with existing Shared Care Record solutions. Suppliers were present to address any key issues. The agenda themes were put forward by the ICS community with focussed workshops to agree actions with the audience. Over 200 colleagues attended the summit with 35 out of 42 ICSs represented to hear positive impacts of ShCR adoption. As well as ICS colleagues sharing good practice, NHS England staff updated on the national picture and technology partners were able to showcase their latest functionality.

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Event resources

To get an idea of what our Shared Care Record Summits are all about, please take a look at our outputs from last year.

Presentations & Documents

Workshop Title Download Presentations
Shared Care Record Summit Agenda 2024 Slides/PDF
1A Regional & National Benefits Slides/PDF Event outputs
1B Data Standards Slides/PDF Event outputs
2A Sustainability Slides/PDF Event outputs
2B Engagement Slides/PDF Event outputs
3A ShCR Adoption Slides/PDF Event outputs
3B Future of ShCR Slides/PDF Event outputs
4A Benefits in LLR ICS Slides/PDF Event outputs
4B How we share data across an ICS Slides/PDF Event outputs
5A Putting the Citizen at the Centre Slides/PDF
5B Clinical Safety Slides/PDF Event outputs
6A OneLondon & Great North Care Record Slides/PDF Event outputs
6B Clinical Perspective Slides/PDF Event outputs
ShCR Event Delegate Feedback Slides/PDF

Videos & Vox pops

Video Title
What is a Shared Care Record? Watch video
What is the role of a Shared Care Record? Watch video
What does the Shared Care Record Summit mean to you? Watch video
What's the benefit of having a Shared Care Record? Watch video
Why did the Shared Care Record Summit come about? Watch video
How will the Shared Care Record help? Watch video
Why is it important for clinicians to access Shared Care Records? Watch video
Why are the regions key to the success of Shared Care? Watch video
Why get involved in the Shared Care Record as a supplier? Watch video
What is the future of Shared Care Records? Watch video
NHS ShCR Benefits Session Recording (1hr - via FutureNHS Platform) Watch video

If you attended the summit and would like to provide your feedback in order to shape the next Shared Care Record Summit, please provide feedback below.

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Event Report

Content an actions from our 2023 speakers and workshops has now been collated into a final event report which includes delegate feedback.

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