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A wristband that tells your boss if you are unhappy

It's not too late to book your ticket.

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Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership @HCVPartnership
The @HCVPartnership is hosting a webinar on Thursday, 21 January, 1pm to 2pm to explore the changes to the Yorkshire & Humber Care Record over the past year and the benefits the new set-up will bring looking forward.

To register and view the agenda, go to

Great conference. Thank you for the opportunity to talk about the North Yorkshire journey towards an integrated care record with the Yorkshire & Humber Care Record. @YHCareRecord .

Don't miss your opportunity to hear from and ask questions of @HumberMD @AvinashHaridas1 @julia_millman about @YHCareRecord and @HCVPartnership @YHAHSN

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Earlier this week we opened up our COVID-19 Vaccination centre to ensure all of our staff receive there vaccination in order to protect themselves, their families, their patients, and the general public. Take a look at how the first day went ➡️: @HumberMD

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