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Every adult in the country now needs to get a Covid-19 booster vaccine, because two doses does not give you enough protection against catching Omicron.

1st day in new job @nhsx looking to support User Centred Design #ucd capability in the regions. (Let me know if you want to chat).
-Same "office" as last job
-New shirt picked out by Ava (6)
-And @beccanuckley made me a light up #tedlasso sign
YHCareRecord photo

It’s the final day 😥for @RebNichells as part of the @YHCareRecord ,she has been amazing, her commitment to citizen involvement was fundamental to helping us evolve @NHS_RobW @larickles

Super impressed with the teams involved in making this a reality - making appropriate patient information accessible at the right time to the right people using safe modern technology can only ever be a great thing for professionals and for patients and their loved ones 🙏👌

@larickles @YHCareRecord Excellent achievements Lee and looking forward to seeing what you deliver in 2022!

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