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Robert Hickingbotham @synanetics compares the technology of Leeds & Rotherham hospitals and how we've learnt how to transfer data across these different systems and work with varying processes

JamesRawlinson & LauraMumby @RotherhamNHS_HI @RotherhamNHS_FT discuss how they've embraced tech to support patients arriving at A&E depts improving #patientsafety #clinicalsafety and recognising that it's a different process to @LeedsHospitals but learning from their experience

Kickstarting the session today with hosts @YorksAmbulance discussing their journey to met their vision of digital transformation
Facing challenges of working with each hospital at varying levels of maturity but successes have been achieved
@ola_zahran @Andywebster #patientsafety

Had a sneaky peak at info to be shared @YorksAmbulance webinar starting at 1:30pm today

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Learn how @LeedsHospitals @YHCareRecord succeeded
@ola_zahran @Andywebster @StevenDLeeds @larickles JamesRawlinson RobertHickingbotham

Looking forward to tomorrow's webinar @ola_zahran @Andywebster discussing how @YorksAmbulance automated transfer of care documents to @LeedsHospitals with help from our fabulous team #FirstofType
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@larickles @julia_millman @roborgan @DitLeeds

Do you live in #Sheffield? Join our panel today and have your say on local health services in your area by joining our new South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Citizen Panel. Sign up today -

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