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Ambulance crews across England are to have access to tens of thousands of iPads in order to give patients the right care faster.

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Health and care organisations in @HCVPartnership have been working to implement an Electronic Palliative Care Co-ordination System (EPaCCS) to record and share key details about a patient’s end of life care & preferences. #DyingMattersWeek #InAGoodPlace
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Great progress for the @HCVPartnership using the @YHCareRecord to make sure the right person get the right information at the right time. Well done to all involved.

A big day at work today tweeps. 2 big developments. 999 crews at EMAS can now see end of life preferences on their system & our service to service direct patient booking system is now live. Today is the best of days. Thank you to everyone who has supported us means so much.

The @YHCareRecord board meeting this morning , first up a session from @RebNichells walking us through communication and branding @larickles and their importance with regard to promoting and protecting our NHS assets

Great to see how the Yorkshire and Humber Care Record is benefitting both patients and the health and care system.

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