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Lovely view of City Square from the deloitte office yesterday evening after 2 interesting days with the #PHMAcademy thanks to the amazing team on the @YHCareRecord 🎄🎄 YHCareRecord photo

Following round the table discussion with all the delegates on the use cases, Johnny Chagger, Information Governance Lead talking through IG and legal basis to share. YHCareRecord photo

How are the Local Authorities involved in this programme? @NeilNycc explains how we are bringing together local government and NHS organisations at all levels of the ongoing development #socialcare #integratedcare #joinedupcare YHCareRecord photo

The vital role of Clinical Safety is now being presented by @RebeccaWilso88, who is explaining the Clinical Assurance Process. Rebecca mentions the workshop we are planning on 2020 focusing on Clinical Safety - details will be shared via YHCareRecord photo

Integrated Care Programme Manager @julia_millman provides further details on how we are moving forward in joining up care information across the region for direct/individual care. YHCareRecord photo

The diagram below shows the widening circles of influence on people’s health. These circles are, of course, interpenetrable. For example, your lifestyle ‘choices’ are influenced and to a large extent constrained by the social, economic and environmental conditions where you live. YHCareRecord photo

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