What is population health management?

Population health management is the use of people’s de-personalised health data to understand the health and care needs across a population and tailor services to meet those needs.

This helps to improve health and prevent illness through research and planning.

It involves the NHS and other public services including social services, schools, housing associations and councils.

How is my data used for population health management?

Your data, for the purposes of population health management, is de-personalised.

De-personalised data does not identify an individual, because identifiable data has been scrambled or removed.

Public services can view de-personalised data and combine it with other sources of data to plan public services to improve health and wellbeing. Here are some examples:

Opting out

You are automatically opted-in to sharing your de-personalised data for the purposes of population health management. You have the option of opting out by registering with The National Data Opt Out.

More information for health and care staff and partners

We have developed a resource that explains population health management in more detail, including links to information and resources from other sources. It is used by health and care staff and partners with patients and the public and can be found here: Talking to patients and the public about their health and care data.