A Digital Health and Wellbeing Charter for Yorkshire & Humber has been developed and agreed to pursue the region as the lead area for digital, data and technology for the UK.  Building upon the established strengths and reputation within this field whilst ensuring the region continues to  transform health and care services meeting the increasing demands and tackling the issues that are facing the health and care system.

The Charter has four distinct areas:

  • Best region for digital health & wellbeing;
  • Best region for health data and research;
  • Best region for the healthtech sector to grow and thrive;
  • Best region for digital ready leaders, workforce and people.


The approach will provide the foundations to become an exemplar region for health and care digital delivery, data and research.  The Charter includes:

  • Developing our health and care, business and professional leaders to understand how digital enables transformation.
  • Work together to address digital inclusion across the region so all can benefit from digital innovations in their health and wellbeing.
  • Enable our workforce to effectively use digital services to do their jobs.
  • Integrate with, use and leverage maximum benefit from the Yorkshire & Humber Care Record.
  • Adhere to a common set of digital principles and standards.