Yorkshire & Humber Care Record has benefitted from a procurement system called Discovery and Development Services Framework.   The framework can been used across the Yorkshire and Humber region and was developed to provide public sector organisations with a link to a community of suppliers/contractors who offer a range of business and IT related discovery, design, development and support services.

Currently, the framework has the following suppliers appointed for:

  • product design, development and support – Aire Logic, Ayup Digital, BJSS, Infinity Works Consulting and Synanetics
  • non-technical stage of business change, including business analysis/discovery and recommendations for change –  Aire Logic, BJSS, Hippo Digital, mHabitat, Paper Design Studio, Social Finance, The Dextrous Web and We are Snook

The key benefits provided by the framework:

  • Introduces extra resource and capability and hence greater agility and flexibility
  • Facilitates solutions to be developed faster
  • Improved methods and approaches
  • Opportunity to build systems and applications in a way that allows wider sharing and reuse
  • Cost reduction through the opportunity for shared commissioning and funding
  • Flexible resource to cover single or multiple stages of a lifecycle
  • Ability to work in mixed customer/supplier teams to deliver outcomes and upskill in-house resource.
  • Intellectual property rights owned by the public sector for the public sector allowing unrestricted sharing/reuse

The companies on the framework have all demonstrated their ability to comply with a number of specifications for end-to-end services and skills at all stages of the ICT lifecycle.  They can also deliver a subset where required.

Further information on the framework is available in the Framework User Guide and Call-off Order Form

Any questions please email YH.Framework@leeds.gov.uk