Yorkshire & Humber Care Record is further advancing the region’s population health management (PHM) capability through the YHCR PHM Academy. The Academy aims to support the region’s Business Intelligence Analysts, Clinicians, and Leaders to define, design, and deliver population health management. It is a joint initiative between Yorkshire and Humber Care Record and Deloitte, and experts have been invited from around the region to join as Academy Fellows, speaking about their experience of working on PHM.  

The first cohort of forty individuals are now halfway through the Academy and delegates are working in multidisciplinary teams to develop a proposal for a population health management initiative. Delegates have been provided with test data in order to work on the simulated PHM project. The aim of the exercise is for delegates to explore the end-to-end approach for building PHM solutions, as well as providing them with an opportunity to apply the skills learned on the course, such as producing mock ups of analytics tools, developing a business case, setting a vision, and engagement with stakeholders. A strong emphasis is placed on peer to peer learning and “learning by doing”. The multidisciplinary nature of the course is already resulting in interesting discussions and innovative solutions for the future.

The Academy will support the sustainability of the Population Health Management Solution and empower our talented workforce to initiate and lead future Population Health Management initiatives.

Some examples of feedback on the course so far:

Really excited to be part of this – thanks so much, it’s a great opportunity.”

Gave me confidence that we have a strong approach and that we are the first cohort – people will learn from our work.”

Very informative, very interesting and lots to take away.