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It’s an incredible 18 months since we started our Yorkshire & Humber Care Record journey as a Local Health & Care Record Exemplar (LHCRE), benefitting from £7.5m worth of investment from NHS England/NHS X to kick start the region’s vision of connecting care to improve people’s lives.  We have reached every milestone that was set on schedule, ensuring we have received all our allocated funds.  As we say goodbye to our NHS England/NHS X arrangement we welcome local funding from our three Health Partnership – Humber, Coast & Vale, South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw and West Yorkshire & Harrogate – to continue to provide the right information, to the right person, at the right time to improve the health and wellbeing of people across the region, safely and securely.

The world is a different place to the one where we embarked on our programme.   However the mission is still highly relevant and we are looking forward to continue working with our partners to connect health and care organisations and provide focus on the most pressing needs that have been identified because of Covid19 or for another requirement.

We’d like to say thank you for all the support that NHS England and NHS X along with the other LHCREs have provided us over the past 18 months, we are hopefully that these relationships and sharing of learning continues.  We are also grateful to all the expertise, challenges and support we’ve been offered in the pilot organisations – we really couldn’t have done it without you.

We thought it was a good opportunity to highlight some of our achievements since Oct 2018:

  • Pulled together a team with specialist skills from across the region and successfully met all the milestones and assurances required by NHS England and NHS X
  • Developed a platform that is independent of one supplier – allowing organisations to link up via their own health & care system as long as they comply with the open standards; sharing relevant data across the region
  • In 9 months we have built and gone live with the Population Health Management (PHM) solution that can be used by all our partners across the region – just get in touch on hnf-tr.yhcr@nhs.net
  • Procured a consortium of expertise ranging from small to global organisations
  • Developed a PHM Academy that has trained and upskilled 40 health and care staff across the region to ensure the benefits of PHM can be delivered in each area
  • Run a vast array of engagement sessions and workshops looking at specialist areas within the programme, for example, social care, information governance, clinical safety and population health management
  • Completed two large scale public engagement exercises focusing on opinions of data sharing and population health management – Joined Up Yorkshire &Humber 1 and Joined Up Yorkshire &Humber PHM Report
  • Attracted 300 participants from across the region and nation to a Showcase event to help improve the understanding of each aspect that makes up the Yorkshire & Humber Care Record.

Stay Safe!

The Yorkshire & Humber Care Record team