The first of our regular updates on the technical developments within the Yorkshire & Humber Care Record

Capability Demonstration to NHS X
Last Thursday was a big day for the Yorkshire & Humber LHCRE. An assurance gateway meant that we got to show the System of Systems to our colleagues at NHS X for the first time. We successfully demonstrated data flowing in real -time from all 5 pilot organisations and being rendered in different user interfaces. Among a number of capabilities, we showed how the YHCR master patient index can locate patient contact across the region and how consent policies can be recorded and used to control access to data. The demonstration was well received and positive comments were made about the rate of progress relative to other LHCREs.

A YHCR User Interface
It is becoming increasing clear that the YHCR needs to offer a model user interface. Whilst there are a number of very capable existing portals in the region which can be developed to use the YHCR, there are also some geographies which don’t have a candidate user interface. We are currently looking at options for how the LHCRE can assist by supporting a product. Considerations in evaluating candidates include, clinical fit, speed to market, open source and free to use, and extensible by adopters.

Securing the YHCR
Our cyber security leads and architects are working on completing an NHSC Cyber Assessment Framework. A design document, which covers the aspects of a secure infrastructure that can be built, is available to download from our website We will continue to work on secure operating principles and governance structures over the coming months. This is an important topic which would benefit from widespread review and comment.

Open Source FHIR Proxy
NHS X will announce at a national InterOPEN event on Wednesday that the Yorkshire & Humber LHCRE is the first body to submit a product to their newly inaugurated NHS open source code library. The Y&H FHIR Proxy is free and an easy route to organisations offering a FHIR front door to their data. The development is in beta but will be installed shortly at North Yorkshire CC and we are keen to talk to others interested in piloting the software.

Transitioning to Live Operation
The 5 pilot organisations have established a common FHIR capability that allows data to be served on demand. We are now rapidly approaching go-live for the System-of-Systems. The first software to use the regional infrastructure for live data will be Helm, the person held record being rolled out in Leeds. Helm captures its users’ consent to share their data with clinicians at Leeds Teaching Hospital. Consent is recorded and enforced by the System-of-Systems. We will being talking about many more go-live experiences within the pilots and next wave on participants over the coming months.

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