Your rights in sharing information  

If you live in Humber, Coast and Vale and your GP is using the Yorkshire & Humber Care Record please call 0113 20 64102 during normal working hours and you can discuss with the team your Right to Object to the sharing of your information. However, if clinical and care staff require access to the information shared on the Yorkshire & Humber Care Record to provide safe individual care for you they are legally allowed access, for example in an emergency.

For all other areas of care and places across Yorkshire & Humber, for example, community, mental health or social care please contact the relevant health and care organisation(s) that hold the information about you and discuss your concerns with them.  Each care setting will be able to help clarify who can see your data and why they need to.  Please be aware that by objecting to your health and care records being shared it can negatively impact the care the NHS and adult social care services are able to provide.  It is also worth noting that there are other ways we share information across the NHS and social care for example, the Summary Care Record because these are all operated and managed separately, you need to raise an objection to each one individually.


Population Health Management 

We are improving data sharing to improve information and build a better picture of what is  needed to plan and deliver services to help improve care, with safety and security as the key priority.

This will help better meet the needs of people within a given group and area; reducing health inequalities and improving health and wellbeing with increased cost efficiency.

If you are not happy with the use of your de-identified (e.g. your name, address, date of birth is not shared) information being used you can register with National Opt Out.  The National Data Opt Out is a service that allows patients to opt out of their confidential patient information being used for research and planning.