In June the Yorkshire and Humber region was awarded one of five exempler positions on the NHS Local Health Care Record Exempler (LHCRE​) programme. The programme’s ambitious objective it to integrate health and care records across the region with the aim of improving care by providing timely and relevant information to care professionals and citizens securely and safely.  
Over the summer a small team called the Yorkshire and Humber Care Record Delivery Board and Team has been working with local representatives to understand how we will deliver this commitment and the Yorkshire and Humber Digital Care Board has met to oversee and govern the programme.  Our final funding agreement is now with NHS England and Department of Health and Social Care for approval and they are aiming to release the monies to Yorkshire and Humber within the next few weeks. 
The work undertaken by LHCRE will both impact and benefit all NHS and social care providers in the Humber Coast and Vale Health Partnership, South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Health Partnership, and West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health Partnership.   Over the coming months we will communicate updates, events and workshops that you may want to be involved in but in the meantime if you would like to know more or engage with the Yorkshire and Humber Care Record Team please contact