The Yorkshire and Humber Care Record (YHCR) team are working at pace to deliver the milestones set within the NHS England’s funding agreement which has resulted in a further release of over £2m in capital.

The following list of activities has been achieved to meet these milestones:

  • We are now sharing patient information across the 3 STPs/ICS regions from Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, Leeds NHS Teaching Hospital and Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust. The success of pilot allows the team to further develop the technology and involving more organisations across the patch.
  • The technology behind the Leeds Care Record is being rolled out to 9 GP practices across the Humber, Coast and Vale Health Partnership which has involved excellent teamwork across the patch to meet the aggressive timescales. We’ve already received encouraging feedback from GPs who are involved with caring for patients receiving cancer treatment at Leeds Teaching Hospital. Accessing their up to date information from the hospital has allowed them to further understand the care their patient is receiving and help to manage any questions or treatment better.

Dr Chris Stanley, Haxby Group Practice, York said, “This is a big step forward for us as a GP practice, and more importantly for our patients. As soon as we gained access we could see the outcome of Leeds appointments for our cancer patients. We have a full picture of medication changes, treatments and care plans that we can access at the point of care. This provides considerable reassurance to our patients, as well as helping us make rapid and joined-up decisions about their care. We’re also seeing an impact in the time saved chasing results or discharge summaries.”

  • YHCR team has begun the procurement of population health, approved by the Yorkshire & Humber Digital Care Board. The successful organisation will be agreed and announced by May 2019. Please do get in touch with the team if you are seeking support with population health, we are here to support all organisations and localities.

The sharing agreements for the region are currently being adapted and a strategy for the Information Sharing Gateway rollout is being pulled together.

Helm the person held record aspect of the programme which allows citizens to access and contribute to their own care record has been re-scoped to allow it to fully integrate with NHS Login. The team will also jointly work with the NHS app team at NHS Digital to ensure developments aid both workstreams. The new scope will also utilise the emerging technology outlined above.

In other news the Yorkshire & Humber Digital Care Board agreed to recruit two new substantive positions to support the work – Chief Technology Officer and Technical Architect. The Board is also looking to recruit a new Senior Responsible Officer following the announcement that Richard Corbridge is leaving the NHS. We wish to thank Richard for his leadership and setting the direction of the programme to date.

If you are interested in our work and want to be involved or learn more please book Thursday 13 June 2019 in your calendar for our Showcase Event. Further details to follow.

Any questions in the meantime please contact the team at, follow us on Twitter @YHCareRecord or check out our website