Yorkshire Ambulance Service

We’re successfully maturing the Yorkshire & Humber Care Record with some further developments which will also help provide some key benefits in supporting Covid 19 care.  As you are aware Yorkshire & Humber Care Record (YHCR) is joining up health and care organisations across the region to support patient care.  Due to our current national situation we have accelerated the work around automating vital document transfer that can be shared and viewed by frontline health and care workers.  The significant development is:

Digital Access to Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) Transfer of Care Documents

We have now connected Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust to the Transfer of Care documentation that YAS create when transporting patients across the region. This automates the transfer of the YAS documentation into the Leeds patient records and allows for a rapid and smoother process in administration when receiving a patient into acute care – saving time and resource.  It also helps to ensure the clinical and care staff are provided with up to date information at an appropriate time which will benefit the patient’s care.

Andy Webster, emergency medicine consultant and CCIO at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust said, “A&E is fast moving and we require the technology we use to help us do our job efficiently and safely.  Receiving the Transfer of Care documentation as an automated process speeds up the process considerably from transferring the patient from the care of the paramedics to the A&E team. It also removes a manual process our reception team have been doing saving them valuable time.  Congratulations to the team who have worked diligently to ensure what we’ve achieved improves clinical safety and is secure.”

Tara Bain, assistant patient services coordinator for A&E at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust added, “Since implementing the new system within the ED Department, the feedback I have received has been nothing but complementary – it takes the reception staff a fraction of the previous time to save a EPR record allowing them to deal effectively with patients  whilst clinical staff have access to the clinical information required from EPR on PPM+ without any delay. From planning to implementation we have felt really supported by the wider teams and are confident that this will continue to be successful”

It is anticipated that Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust will be next to join up to the system so they can also benefit from this development.

Image courtesy of Yorkshire Ambulance Service.