Thursday 5 November at 11am

We held two “Let’s Focus on Population Health Management” webinars on Thursday 22 October and 5 November.  Both webinars attracted a diversity of interest from across the region and beyond.  We provided updates on the programme, demonstrated the technical capability, current users/customers will chat about their experience, approach and future of  the Academy and the team discussed how they can help to support you in using the solution crafted by us, for us.

Please find below a selection of videos and the presentation pack for you to watch and download and share with your colleagues.

Presentation slides for Let's Focus on Population Health Management webinars

Please download the link which combines the questions asked by delegates on both 22 October and 5 November 2020

Please find below some bitesize video clips of the presentations in the order recorded from the live webinar held on Thurs 22 October. They are also available on the YHCR YouTube channel.

Dr John Byrne discusses public engagement

Video clip of Yorkshire and Humber Care Record's senior responsible owner welcoming delegates to the webinar and chats through the Joined Up Yorkshire and Humber engagement work

Richard Gladman provides an update on YHCR

Video clip of programme manager Richard Gladman providing an update on the YHCR programme

Monica Jones presents progress and future plans

Video of Population Health Management lead Monica Jones presenting the progress to date along with plans for the future

A view from our first users

Kuldeep Sohal from Connected Yorkshire talks through her journey using the YHCR PHM capability

Professor Geoff Hall from Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust talks through his experiences of using the YHCR population health management capability.

Richard Gladman - PHM Solution

Richard Gladman chat through the Population Health Management solution with a link to the video below which provides a demonstration of the platform.

Demonstration of the technical capability

Steve and Alastair describe how you query and retrieve data, and who turns the data files into dashboards.
Please note you need to watch this video via YouTube due to an age restriction applied by YouTube - there is no sensitive information within the video.

PHM Academy

Monica Jones presents the PHM Academy and plans for the future

Q&A session - 22 October webinar

Recordings of the both Q&A sessions are available - this video is from the webinar on 22 October.

Q&A session - 5 Nov 2020

As above we recorded both Q&A session within the webinars and you can watch them both.