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End Stage reporting on any programme provides a summary of what has been achieved, what remains outstanding, lessons that have been learned and what the plan is and the immediate next steps.  For YHCR our End Stage 1 report brings to a close the centrally funded part of our programme.  Stage 1 has run from September 2018 until 31st March 2020.

So what is included in our End Stage reporting?

A reiteration of our objectives and aimed outcomes will provide clarity on the transformational change we set out to achieve across the region. Before we began patient data was not shared in any meaningful way between the NHS and social care support groups such as care homes and social service teams.  If an individual attended one hospital for cancer treatment and another for a mental health condition, diagnosis, test results and medications for their cancer condition were not readily available for doctors and nurses managing their mental health condition.

Then we look at how we divided the deliverables up across the workstreams, who was responsible for what and how me monitored progress to ensure we met our funding milestones.

Running through the whole programme were benefits; the reason why we are doing this.  What do we aim to achieve?  Although it is early days to say whether we have managed to realise desired benefits, some can take months or even years we can assess whether our benefits look to be on target to be delivered in the future and what value we anticipate.

A review of the Risks and Issues arising throughout the programme, whether they are still valid going forward and how we managed mitigations and solutions to keep the programme on track through stage 1 is being included.

We then will look at what we have learned.  Talking to stakeholders across the programme to gather opinion on what we did well.  Understanding what and how we should approach things differently in the future will allow us to learn lessons and handover our findings to newer or replacement members of the team in the future.  The final part of Stage 1 is to review the activities that remain outstanding. Are there any?   If there are we need to understand why this is and what we need to do to complete them successfully.

Who has input?

All the key programme stakeholders will input into the End Stage 1 report including core team members, users, technical support, patient representatives, information governance and cyber security specialists will be included.  This will help us to form a rounded view of the programme and ensure all parties have a voice in the findings.

Why we have done this?

The End Stage process allows us to assess our performance through the initial deliverables and apply lessons learned as we develop the YHCR and bring on more users.  The future stages will benefit from what we have learned early in the programme which will lead to improved planning and focused next steps.

Alison Claire
Programme Manager