Blog by Lee Rickles

One of the biggest challenges we faced as the Yorkshire & Humber Local Health Care Record Exemplar (LHCRE) was to work as Yorkshire & Humber.  Historically, my region in Humber, Coast & Vale has been tribal and its components are more likely to work with other parts of the country than look within its own boundaries.  Our LHCRE has now become the glue which digitally connects Yorkshire & Humber together.  Our journey has had its ups and downs over the last 18 months, as relationships develop and we create a clear identity.

As I reflect upon my part of the journey what do I think has made us successful;

Having a reason to start, the existing Leeds Care Record was already providing care to approx. 800K patients. They had the vision to engage with the wider partners in Yorkshire & Humber to start the development of the Yorkshire & Humber Care Record.

Having a clear leader with Rob Webster who is the Chair of the Yorkshire & Humber Digital Care Board and the Chief Executive for the West Yorkshire & Harrogate Integrated Care System.  Rob leads this programme but is supported with further leadership at every level across our region.

Shared values so the right information, is available at the right time to the right person helping to support the care of patients and residents across the region.  We undertook widescale public engagement called Joined Up Yorkshire & Humber which has really helped our programme understand what is important to our population.

Using our own experts as we have many people with great skill in our region and if we need more then we train and develop the staff.  A great example is the recently launched Yorkshire & Humber Population Health Management Academy, which is currently being delivered to 40 of our clinical, management and analytical staff.

Having an excellent team is essential to the delivery of any major programme.  It’s a small and well-formed team which is empowered to deliver the Yorkshire & Humber Care Record.  NHS X is a key part of our programme team and their support and knowledge has been invaluable to help our programme to continue to deliver.

Great relationships with suppliers, who are essential to the creation of the Yorkshire & Humber Care Record as they are building it with the programme team.  An excellent example of joint working from suppliers is the developments between Synanetics, TPP and the Yorkshire & Humber Care Record.  We expect to have structured ‘end of life’ FHIR messaging working with the Yorkshire & Humber Care Record and available from this month and will soon be available to TPP SystmOne customers.

Using a framework of expected behaviours which we have developed as the Digital Health and Wellbeing Charter for Yorkshire & Humber.  Our focus is to work together and to be the best place for our population, staff, leaders, health technology, research and data.

We are now progressing from a NHS X funded to a locally funded programme I feel the Yorkshire & Humber Care Record will become even more focused on key deliveries of the wider digital innovation in my region.  It’s also becoming clear that our aspiring and existing Integrated Care Systems are now leading the work and development.  This new direction will make sure that the glue of the Yorkshire & Humber Care Record is even more important to the region.  Ensuring we keep to our vision to provide our population with the right information being available at the right time to the right person.

Lee Rickles
Programme Director for the Yorkshire & Humber Care Record