By Alison Clare

Yorkshire & Humber Care Record – Programme Reporting Progress

Reporting progress against deliverables and funding milestones on our programme is structured and coordinated across a number of governance boards.  This is to ensure accountability and evidence that progress is being made.  In turn this triggers funding payments from NHS England with which to pay our programme suppliers and staff.  The objective of the programme is to deliver a technical infrastructure to support a shared care record, a person held record and a population health management solution.


Governance Structure

We have three levels of internal governance for the programme, the team project boards, the programme delivery board and the regional digital care board.  There is also a clinical and technical design authority.  Each have terms of reference and support a discussion and decision making process where risks and issues can be escalated to the next level as required.  We have an Senior Responsible Officer who is clinical and a programme director who is from an IT background to give balance, a Programme Management Office and three project workstreams; Integrated Care Record, Population Health Management and a Person Held Record.  Each has a programme lead and their own deliverables with workstream interlinks and a number of dependencies.  All have at least one of our eight funding milestones agreed with NHS England to be delivered.  For this reason we have firm reporting procedures to evidence progress before funding can be released.

Reporting Documentation

An NHSx report template is used to summarise progress on a month by month basis.  This contains an exec summary, activities this month, planned activities next month, risks and issues and any dependencies.  This report is marginally reworked for our internal boards listed above and the original is sent to NHSx for review at the end of each month along with our detailed risk log.  A more substantial quarterly Assurance report, usually in the region of 20k words is produced in conjunction with NHSx detailing progress against each funding milestone with sub-actions required to bring each one to completion.  The Assurance report also includes updates and commentary about the minimal functional and technical specifications the programme signed up to in their funding bid accepted by NHSx in 2018.

Reporting Schedule

All funding milestones are on target to complete by the end of the fourth quarter FY19/20.  We have just completed the Q3 Assurance process and the report is on the agenda for the delivery board on 6th January for discussion and awaiting a RAG status approval from NHSx. We have been running at Green/Amber throughout the programme and anticipate this to remain the same for the Q3 report.  The final Assurance process for Q4 will begin early late February / early March and review our progress against the remaining milestones M2 (not due until 31st March) and M8.  The Assurance reports trigger funding payments attached to each milestone.  The current status of our milestone is in the table below and we anticipate that the final milestones will be approved.