Round up of 2021

It’s certainly been quite a year for us all, but in this blog I’m focusing solely on the Yorkshire & Humber Care Record programme – what has gone well, what we’ve learnt and what is on the path ahead for the New Year.

Just like everyone else, team have had to move to a new way of working during the Covid pandemic.  Although the use of MS Team and remote working has worked well, remote working has not been a replacement for the person touch.  We are social animals and the lack of human contact has impacted some of the team more than others.  With the new Covid variant starting to have an effect, it looks like the ways of working are here to stay.

So, as Programme Director for this region wide initiative, myself and the team work alongside our four Health & Care Partnerships (or sometimes referred to as Integrated Care Systems/ICS) to understand their requirements and help to deliver against these needs.  In 2021, we’ve achieved so much against some challenging pressures.   Each Health & Care Partnership has had a different approach to delivering the work to meet its population’s needs, and it has caused us all to scratch our heads and understand how we prioritise, the processes we need in place and how to ensure we keep collaborating.

One of the greatest pleasures this year was to welcome Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland ICS into our partnership.   This has meant the technology we’ve created is being rolled out into four distinct areas and our team is learning to balance this workflow.  They each have their own unique challengers, varying levels of maturity but also solutions, ideas and methods of working that help to ensure we’re learning how to deliver shared care records and population health management capabilities to improve people’s lives.

We’ve had our frustrations and wins during this challenging year.  To celebrate our wins I’d like to share some details:

  • Great strides in the  Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership

Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership with their strong and dedicated team have succeeded in connecting a wide range of health and care providers to meet the aim of a shared care record.  It includes even more GP practices using the YHCR Interweave portal and accessing vital patient information to support care.  But also the acute hospitals including: York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust; and Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust.  And they’ve done brilliantly in linking three Local Authorities including: East Riding of Yorkshire Council; Hull City Council; and North Yorkshire County Council.

This success is down to a shared vision for the region, securing funding and ensuring a team that could fulfil the ambitious timeline.  It includes the support from a team of experts from Deloitte who have worked collaboratively with the YHCR, ICS and organisational teams to ensure success.

  • Patient’s End of Life wishes now being shared

Electronic Palliative Care Co-ordination Systems (EPaCCS) for Humber, Coast and Vale patients is now available through the YHCR  – ensuring a person centred approach at a crucial point in someone’s life

  • Automating YAS’s Transfer of Care Document

Saving time, increasing efficiency and improving patient care by automating the transfer of care documentation from Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) into four A&E departments across the region.

  • Data Provision from Major Trusts

Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals (DBTH) have taken a leading role within South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw ICS by connecting to YHCR.  Getting the data right is so important in ensuring the operation staff have the right information at the right place and at the right time.  This learning is being shared with other organisations so we can all benefit from this great work.

  • GP Connect connecting to even more health and care professionals

GP Connect is now available to even more organisations across the region – improving access to information that supports individual/direct care

  • Service Management

Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust continues to take a leading role with the YHCR development by taking on service management

  • Digitising and Sharing Maternity Records

Shared maternity electronic patient record system went live in Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust in the summer sharing specific documents relating to care during a woman’s maternity journey

  • Growing Central Resource

We welcomed new members to the YHCR team with special mention to Ian Clucas who brings a wealth of expertise as our Product Manager.

  • Supporting International Patient Records

International Patient Record – we haven’t shared this information previously, but the team have been busy supporting the needs and requirements of what an International Patient Record could look like.

  • Further funding

Early in the year we were awarded further funding from NHS X to enhance the delivery of the YHCR.

  • Supporting the International Patient Summary for the G7 countries

Coming to the end of 2021 the YHCR and the Northern Care Alliance was asked by NHS X to create a minimum viable product for an International Patient Summary for the G7 countries.  Using our technologies and work closely with Synanetics (our strategic supplier),  we have built something very impressive which meets the G7 needs, and would also provide the public an easy and secure method to share their summary record.

As with all digital transformation programmes the technology needs to embed itself further and as we mature, we hope to share the benefits and outcomes that we are measuring and evaluating.

Looking ahead to 2022

As before we will share updates on the programme, but a few highlights to look forward to:

  • Rolling out the shared care record to more health and care providers who will benefit from improved data on the individuals they are treating/caring for – improving safety, patient experience and efficiencies
  • Further recruitment of staff into the YHCR team and move to the interweave product branding to power our ICS shared care record programmes.
  • To increase the number of health & social care organisations using the Interweave technologies
  • Embedding the Population Health Management capability
  • The launch of a YHCR online training system in collaboration with HEE to support the workforce in improved adoption and ensure we make the most of the capabilities that we’ve developed
  • A refreshed YHCR website that will focus on communicating with the public
  • Central team will be bolstered by new recruits who look forward to joining us on our adventures.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the YHCR Delivery Board and supporting Boards for their commitment to the programme, the central YHCR team for their dedication and perseverance, our suppliers with special mention to Synanetics, and a massive thanks to our Health & Care Partnership (ICS) colleagues – we can’t do any of this without you.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year from Hull.