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Overall Progress, Recommendation & Approval

Yorkshire & Humber Care Record continues to make good progress this quarter. All major milestones seem to be on track.  The recommendation has been made following NHS England completion of the assurance review details. The submitted report has been assessed using the LHCR Programme risk stratification guidance document.

In particular good progress has been evidenced by:

  • On-going LHCR-to-LHCR work with Share2Care to make medical records originating in Lancashire available in Airedale through the YHCR System of Systems technology
  • 190 Helm users now signed up (target 300) – further progress delayed by Covid-19
  • System of Systems (SoS) Wave 1 sites are now live:
  • Rotherham is sharing cancer data with Leeds Teaching Hospital for patients referred for treatment
  • Humber Teaching Hospital is sharing crisis plans with Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) to trigger the correct mental health care for patients during an urgent care episode
  • Yorkshire Ambulance Service is providing Transfer of Care data
  • Implementation of SoS at all Wave 2 ICS sites is underway; go-lives planned during 2020, but could be delayed because of Covid-19 focus
  • Work is ongoing to access and share TPP and EMIS data needed to populate care plans in Helm.
  • Rapidly Improving Care – 71 GP practices (46%) in HCV across Humber Coast and Vale across the 6 CCGs have access to LCR (Leeds Care Record). Provides both a Hospital view of patient records from GPs and a GP view of patient records from the hospital.
  • Population Health Management (PHM) workstream is now live – consortium of suppliers (Deloitte UK, Google Cloud and Synanetics) deliver BI/analytics solution; Deloitte’s YHCR PHM academy launched.
  • PHM has built-in sophisticated analytical tooling and streamlined data ingestion capabilities – it is available now and can help with Covid research & modelling.