Adult Social Care Event

The event was well attended – 60 social care colleagues from across the region – mainly Social Care Practitioners.

The main purpose was to bring people up to speed with what the Yorkshire & Humber Care Record (YHCR) is doing, get input from attendees about the information they require from other organisations to support people well and test some users’ examples.
Information Governance (IG) concerns were raised by attendees which was anticipated and these were addressed by expert IG colleagues in attendance.

The YHCR team  is looking to run another round of engagement events later in the year and again will look to do one specifically for Social Care, as well as a session specifically to address IG issues with practitioners from all organisations. This will be to demonstrate progress and to maintain the conversation between practitioners and the programme team.

Attendees were asked to become a digital reference group that will be used as a sounding board for the YHCR team Social Care aspects into the future.

John Byrne - Senior Responsible Officer

Introduction from John to the delegates at the workshop about the important role of social care.

John Farenden - NHS X

Filmed at the Showcase event on Thurs 3 July, John discusses the vital importance of working with social care.