Partner organisations

We are working closely with the three Health Partnerships that make up the Yorkshire and Humber region alongside the Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network.

Participating Hospitals

The Yorkshire & Humber Care Record is enabling clinical and care staff within the following hospitals to access real time health and care information across health and social care providers and between different IT systems, securely and safely.

Participating Ambulance Services

Yorkshire & Humber Care Record connects hospitals to the ambulance service across the region – allowing for a rapid and smoother process in administration when receiving a patient into acute care – saving time and resource.  It also helps to ensure the clinical and care staff are provided with up to date information at an appropriate time which improves the patient’s care and safety.

Participating Person Held Record

Yorkshire & Humber Care Record connects with a number of Person Held Records – allowing citizens to view, control and contribute to their health and wellbeing information.

Participating General Practices (GPs)

The Yorkshire & Humber Care Record is being rolled out across the Humber, Coast and Vale area with the aim of improving care for people who use NHS and social care services.

Please find below a list of GP practices that have been trained and are now live.